Sunday, June 3, 2012

The image of Sri Lankan woman getting under assessed on account of unnecessary media propaganda.

The image of Sri Lankan woman getting under assessed on account of unnecessary media propaganda. 

Propaganda is a creative campaign which deals with exaggeration true or false, basically to get the attraction of people. Most of the time media become propagandists to propagate different ideas, beliefs and pieces of information among people. Propaganda campaign or advertising is a creative art with a target to market a certain product or a service. This is basically profit oriented. To understand propaganda campaign or advertising a propagandist should determine to whom they advertise and with what purposes. Advertising is related to human behavior, anthropology, sociology and human psychology. So to make successful these attributes, most propaganda campaigns use the image of woman.
Advertising has created a competitive society. Through these propaganda campaigns propagandists expect to change the minds of the people and persuade them to buy their products. Attractive advertisements, posters are created to make this change and address the needs, wants and desires of the people. To highlight the attractiveness the image of woman has become an indispensable figure. Than male figures, there is often a high demand for females in the process of propaganda campaigns. The outfits, beauty, figure and even the voice of a woman can easily attract human psychology. In this materialistic commercialized society, most of the propagandists use the image of woman as a marketing tactic.
One of the major concerns in propaganda campaigns is to identify the target group to promote the product or the service. Nowadays Sri Lankan as well as the foreign propagandists use the image of woman to target whatever the group is, irrespective of age or gender. The image of woman gets involved in various roles such as mother, wife, sister, representation of youth, beauty and innocence. To persuade people through propaganda it is essential to please the human senses like sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hear.
To please the human senses in the maximum way, the propagandists are intended to promote the image of woman. The problem is that this promotion of women’s image is done in both good and bad ways. This situation similarly occurs in the sphere of advertising all over the world. Even in a South Asian country like Sri Lanka, where the woman is given a highly valuable and a sacred position. Naturally the image of woman gets under assessed as a result of the media propaganda campaigns in Sri Lanka. In most of the instances the image of woman is promoted unnecessarily to market whatever the product is. In addition to the image of woman, some relationships of women like ‘mother and daughter’ are also under assessed in the process of marketing. In order to promote particular beauty products, recently one of the media campaigns promoted the relationship between ‘mother and daughter’. Therefore women purposely or not get involved in such campaigns. In same kind of propaganda campaigns the propagandists market the female figure rather than promoting the product in order to attract the audience by pleasing the sense of sight. Then unknowingly it becomes a huge damage to the image of the woman. Due to that the prestigious highly valued image of woman has corrupted and demeaned.
Media propaganda can easily attract human conscience. But it is pathetic that the image of woman has become a mere tool in the process of marketing and advertising. As a responsible figure of the society, media should take the responsibility of protecting the prestigious image of woman. It is the only remaining source to rebuild the former sacred image of woman from its corrupted state.              


  1. u r an angel :D my exam is tmrw, subject is sociology of media, gt info on SL media culture frm ur artcl, thanks millon tymz .